EasyEye: robot control made easy

Programming an industrial robot is a tedious and time-consuming task.
With the launch of the EasyEye, a high-level industrial robot controller, all this changes.

Platform for 3D-vision and robot-control

  • Enables vision-based automation (even for low-volume & high-variety environments)
  • Extreme reduction in robot-programming time
  • Freely programmable in an open software-framework
  • Makes life EASY for robot-integrators: programming toolbox for customer-specific applications

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easyeye laser


  • The easyEye® is self-contained, transportable and easy to place
  • Plug in a 24 volt supply and you’re ready for work
  • Connect multiple easyEye’s to work together through a single control-system
  • Connect any third party systems, PLCs, sensors or signals of any kind
  • Connect to any ERP or other software via multiple interfaces
  • AutomaticSetup of own WLAN or wired network with an unlimited amount of clients
  • Lightning fast connection to any network as DHCP client or static IP client
  • Based on IT standards (PC, Windows, Linux, Lua, Ethernet and more)
  • Out in the field, a (battery operated) laptop will connect to any easyEye®

Learning Algorithms

easyEye scanning
  • Plug & play! Control software runs directly off USB dongle on ordinary PC
  • Live image information to simplify the operation of machines for operators
  • Click & Measure 3D position acquisition of objects, surroundings and more.
  • Vision toolbox for image processing e.g. object and change detection
  • Point and wireframe AR toolbox to project 3D entities into image space
  • Inherent coordinate system spanned in space
  • Powerful easy-to-use coordinate space transformation tools
  • 2/3D geometric toolbox to analyse and transform 3D point-clouds
  • (almost) infinite possibilities to display data and information to operators
  • Project info onto live image to simplify operation of machine for operators
  • Easy Flexible framework(EFF), open intuitive programming platform for applications such as rich UI and Image Processing libraries

Programming framework

  • Powerful Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) and User-Interface (UI) toolbox
  • Lua-based easy syntax and unlimited programming possibilities
  • High performance, low latency tasks can be delegated and distributed
  • Intuitive and easy to use HMIs and UI using EasyFlexibleFramework(EFF) UI toolbox
  • Unified robot interfacing through Robot Driver Modules allows for switching off Robot brands without changing code
  • Math and vector computation toolbox
  • Build-in modules for applications such as (de-)palletizing, nesting, scanning
  • Can connect to huge number of available libraries
  • Multiple easyEye’s coupled into a single system can be easily calibrated to operate in the same coordinate system
easyEye cobot

Specs overview

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Azimuth range > 270°
Elevation >150°
Up to 10x optical zoom
Controlled via simple keyboard/mouse input
Software Plug & Play!
No installation required. Program runs directly from USB dongle
LUA-based scripting
Many ready-made modules available
Operating system based on our open EasyFlexibleFramework (EFF)
Unified robot interfacing, switching of Robot brands without changing code by means of Robot
Driver Modules
Networking EasyEye® sets up its own local (Wi-Fi) network
WPA2 protected
DHCP or static IP
Unlimited clients within the local network
Calibrating Multiple EasyEyes easily calibrated via a single system
Multiple EasyEyes (co-)operate within a single system
Calculation power Standard PC based.
Performance is only limited by the power of contemporary PC technology.
High performance, low latency via easyIO
Connecting Accessible via/connects to 3rd party software via easyIO
Connects to PLC, sensors, or any other type of signal via easyIO
Power 24V
Protection Rating IP 45 / IP 57
HMI / UI Live image information
Display project information on live image for easy operating
Choose to display different types of information for easy operating
Intuitive easy to use HMI and UI