EasyFlexibleFramework: IoT made EASY

You can be in the driving seat of customization

EasyFlexibleFramework enables you to write your own code and optimize the specifics of your own processes. In order to apply our modular technologies a flexible platform with an open interface is essential.To this end we spent a lot of effort designing and creating a development platform called the EasyFlexibleFramework(EFF). EFF is at once simple, powerful and achieves high computing performance. A tool to reap all productivity improvements imaginable with Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Batteries included

The EFF framework provides access to a range of tried-and-tested applications. We call these applications EasyObjects. Each EasyObject contains a large amount of functionality. Examples of the EasyObject ‘batteries included’:

  • Front-end development kit
  • Shopfloor planning & control
  • EasyIO distributed IO and machine control
  • Integration with business-database systems
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applications
  • Business-intelligence and reporting functionality
  • Asset management and tracking capabilities
  • Data-analysis and processing (with deep-learning capability)
  • And much more…

The possibility of interfacing between applications is virtually limitless.

Secure, Fast, and EASY to learn

  • Highly readable syntax
  • A powerful yet simple to use event-pipeline mechanism
  • Built on well established technologies with excellent documentation, examples and libraries
  • Comprehensively modularized
  • Low-threshold entry for inexperienced developers
  • Reuse your code with joy
  • Coding errors made by application developers will not introduce bugs in the underlying applications
  • Encryptable. EFF modules or applications can be either left open for third parties to modify or encrypted to protect your IP.