Distributed machine IO & control: made EASY

Smart robotics and machine learning rely on fast and flexible access to a range of inputs and outputs. For this reason, we developed EasyIO. However, EasyIO goes beyond conventional input/output systems by enabling distributed control and dataprocessing.

Machine IO with unlimited connectivity

The EasyEye acquires geometric and optical information. Making this information accessible to network-connected processing and storage is enabled by EasyIO. But EasyIO can connect to any type of:

  • Bus connected devices (Canbus, Modbus, Serial bus, I2C, etc)
  • 24V hi-low signals
  • Analog I/O
  • And a lot more…

Distributed machine-control and data processing

We can offer our customers unique optimization possibilities through EasyIO:

  • Control where and which tasks get processed (i.e local, central, or combinations thereof)
  • Avoid latency problems:
    • 24V hi-low signals
    • Analog I/O
  • And a lot more…

Fast local processing + central management on server

EasyIO is so much more than a conventional machine I/O. Through a central-management interface on EasyIO server, all EasyIO modules in a network can be monitored and controlled. The locally available processing power can be deployed at will. The level of distributed machine control can be fine-tuned perfectly. Tasks and timing of centrally processed inputs/outputs can be determined through a high-level management interface

Open development framework for seamless business process integration

EasyIO has an open interface with the EasyFlexibleFramework. A multitude on I/O’s and the big-data opportunities of the Internet of Things can be seamlessly integrated into any business process.