Core Developer

A core developer at Teqram develops the core technologies for vision-guided robotics. The intellectual challenge of a PhD, with the benefits of a business.

Do you want to pioneer robotics ?

Teqram is specialized in vision guided robotics

Our team researches, develops and builds robot technology that equips robots with 'human' skills, such as hand-eye coordination. We do this from our R&D and production facilities in Zwolle.

We are looking for a Core Developer who wants to specialize in the field of 3D vision-controlled robotics. Experience is not a requirement; your talent, learning skills and motivation determine if you fit into our team.

What are you going to do ?

As Core Developer you will develop the software within a multidisciplinary team.
The goal is to 'solve' an application which cannot be automated by conventional industrial robots. By developing software that ‘sees’ objects. By developing sensors that can help a robot 'feel' when vision does not suffice. You will contribute to our software framework for vision guided robotics. Learning and developing yourself is inherent to this function.

Concretely, you will

  • Build the software-stack of our systems
  • Develop, apply and improve machine vision algorithms
  • Write code for real-time robot applications. You literally have a complete robot system to your disposal.
  • Solve mathematical problems to increase the versatility of our vision guided robots
  • Working together in a team to ensure that software and hardware form a robust, industrial grade system.

Are you our ideal candidate ?

To truly innovate, a core developer needs creativity, energy, and hard technical skills.

We assume the ability to acquire technical skills if you excel in one of these disciplines:

  • mathematics
  • physics
  • software engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • electronic/electrical engineering.

You are able to work at a high level of (mathematical) abstraction. And you can change gears to dive into the nitty-gritty details so that your code actually works.

Since a large part of your day will be spent programming, you need to have a proven ability in this regard. More important: you need to be sure you enjoy coding. You will mostly work with Lua & C++.

What we offer

  • An intellectually challenging position with the 'kick' of building stuff.
  • Freedom and responsibility within a unique R&D environment
  • The opportunity to simultaneously learn and create
  • A talented, multidisciplinary team (software, mathematics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering) with a flat & informal culture.
  • A good salary and working conditions

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