Industrial automation made EASY

4 unique modular technologies for you

We develop, manufacture, install and service:

  • EasyEye: a 3D vision robot-controller
  • EasyIO: distributed machine I/O and control
  • EasyFlexibleFramework: an open IoT software-development platform
  • EasyCobot: a robotic system enabling high variety product handling

And make sure they are easy to use.
Our specialty is productivity improvement for discrete production processes.

What can you call us for ?

Call us if you want to automate product handling and one or more of the below is True:

  • your product-variability makes conventional robotic solutions impossible
  • you want to seamlessly integrate IoT devices and data with your business software
  • you want or need the flexibility to move your robotic system
  • you want extremely short programming times (through optical programming)
  • you see other great benefit in our 4 key technologies!

Talk to us. We listen.