Experts in vision guided robotics

We develop software, products and integrated robotic systems for vision guided robotics. Our customers are manufacturers in a wide range of industries as well as integrators of robotic systems.

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Our modular products and open software


  • Patented 3D vision platform for machine vision and robotics
  • Vision-based automation
  • Extreme reduction in robot-programming time


  • 3D-vision allows variation in product and environment
  • Fast optical programming
  • Easy-gripper technology: application specific design


  • Write your own code and optimize the specifics of your own processes
  • Built-in applications
  • Limitless interfacing between applications


  • Ditributed control and data processing
  • Machine IO with unlimited connectivity
  • Fast local processing + central management

Off-the-shelf solutions

  • Fast and reliable Bin-picking
  • Flexible Machine Tending for low- and high volume production
  • (De-)Palletizing of high-variety product flows
  • High-accuracy Machine Vision for industrial applications
  • Automated Deburring of metal products

Our proven technologies

  • 3D machine-vision for robot control
  • Machine controller for vision guided systems
  • Time-Of-Flight lasers & laser-triangulation
  • Learning algorithms for smart robotics
  • Vision guided mechatronics for modular system integration

4 reasons to choose Teqram Vision Guided Robotics

Programming an industrial robot can be a time consuming task. Our vision System radically decrease programming time. We bring you off-the-shelf industrial automation and offer vision- and producthandling solutions with a strong focus on maximizing productivity while minimalizing costs.

  • At Teqram we combine Vision Guided Robotics with modular grippers and flexible software. This guarantees effective industrial automation regardless of product material, dimensions, location or environments.
  • In addition to producthandling, Easyeye is also capable of perform quality inspections by comparing 3D drawings with the fysical products in real-time.
  • Vision Guided Robotics allows you to fully define customer specific handling. In addition, our system offers a constant and high level of quality and guarantees productivity whatever the circumstances
  • Our modular system can be integrated into many industries and processes. Learn how your industral processes can be automated today. Discover our solutions.

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