Experts in vision guided robotics

We develop software, products and integrated robotic systems for vision guided robotics. Our customers are manufacturers in a wide range of industries as well as integrators of robotic systems.

EasyFlipper - Our new product! EasyFlipper - Our new product! We have developed a new system which allows to turn workpieces at high speed. This improves the work flow, increases safety and prevents damage. Click on the link and learn more about EasyFlipper!

Our modular products and open software


  • Patented 3D vision platform for machine vision and robotics (Patent NL2016960)
  • Vision-based automation
  • Extreme reduction in robot-programming time


  • 3D-vision allows variation in product and environment
  • Fast optical programming
  • Easy-gripper technology: application specific design


  • Write your own code and optimize the specifics of your own processes
  • Built-in applications
  • Limitless interfacing between applications


  • Ditributed control and data processing
  • Machine IO with unlimited connectivity
  • Fast local processing + central management

Off-the-shelf solutions

  • Fast and reliable Bin-picking
  • Flexible Machine Tending for low- and high volume production
  • (De-)Palletizing of high-variety product flows
  • High-accuracy Machine Vision for industrial applications
  • Automated Deburring of metal products

Our proven technologies

  • 3D machine-vision for robot control
  • Machine controller for vision guided systems
  • Time-Of-Flight lasers & laser-triangulation
  • Learning algorithms for smart robotics
  • Vision guided mechatronics for modular system integration

4 reasons to choose Teqram Vision Guided Robotics

Programming an industrial robot can be a time consuming task. Our vision System radically decrease programming time. We bring you off-the-shelf industrial automation and offer vision- and producthandling solutions with a strong focus on maximizing productivity while minimalizing costs.

  • At Teqram we combine Vision Guided Robotics with modular grippers and flexible software. This guarantees effective industrial automation regardless of product material, dimensions, location or environments.
  • In addition to producthandling, Easyeye is also capable of perform quality inspections by comparing 3D drawings with the fysical products in real-time.
  • Vision Guided Robotics allows you to fully define customer specific handling. In addition, our system offers a constant and high level of quality and guarantees productivity whatever the circumstances
  • Our modular system can be integrated into many industries and processes. Learn how your industral processes can be automated today. Discover our solutions.

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