Teqram Company Video

We deliver turn-key robot systems for handling applications. Our solutions are significantly more flexible in dealing with product variation or changes in environment than conventional industrial robots. We develop software, products and vision guided robots. Our customers are manufacturers in a wide range of industries.


Teqram is a scale-up founded in 2016. The limitations of conventional robotic solutions, forced us to develop vision-technology with to deal with the demands of low-volume & high variety manufacturing environments. Our team of engineers develops all critical technologies in-house. This includes the vision & control algorithms, software, sensors, electronic-components, and mechanical systems. The benefit for our customers: turn-key solutions that work


Our goal is to push the limits of autonomous systems, through "hand-eye" coordination. We build stuff for problems which have never been solved before. Our R&D efforts result in a standard machine or system. Because of our engineering effort produces modular technologies, we deliver affordable but state-of-the art solutions. Our present solutions are mainly focussed on metal-working applications. In the coming years, we expect to serve & solve an ever broader range of industrial challenges.