Customer Applications: Turn key solutions with Vision Guided Robotics

Unloading a deburring machine with an EasyDebur


Deburring | Our robots can automatically load and unload deburring machines through their vision control system.

Close up of the grinding process done by an EasyGrinder

Robotic Grinding

Our vision-controlled robot enables fully automated grinding, deburring and edge rounding with automatic tool changes.

2 Heavy oxy-fuel cut steel products with grinded edges on a pallet

Shot Blasting

We offer vision-controlled robotics for blasting and glass bead blasting machines that can be used without programming knowledge.

Loading different sized heavy metal products on an Arku part leveller with an EasyBot

Part Levelling

Our robots can automatically load and unload leveling machines. This no longer requires human interaction.

Bin packing at a deep drawing press with an EasyBot

Deep Drawing

Deep drawing machines can be automated with Teqram's camera-controlled robots. The robots take over the loading and unloading of the machines.

EasyTransfer picking up a product from a conveyor belt in a narrow space

Progressive Stamping

Progressive punching can be automated very well with our robots. In this way, the efficiency of production can be increased even further.

Loading and unloading a transfer press with an EasyBot

Transfer Stamping

Our vision-controlled robots can handle product transfer between transfer die-cutting machines completely automatically.

EasyUnpacker at work during unloading a table with different sizes laser cut parts

Laser Cutting

Our robots sort laser-cut parts fully automatically and independently from the cutting table. This saves time, power and effort.

Pallet with randomly placed square metal plates

Bin Picking

We research and develop possible applications for the use of bin picking in industry, such as the automatic sorting of workpieces

Maschine Beladen.jpg

Machining Milling

EasyMillDrill is a robot system that independently places workpieces in a milling machine, turns them if necessary and stacks them on a pallet.

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