Automated (un)loading of Milling machines

Loading and unloading of milling machines can be labor-intensive. For heavy parts, which need to be handled by crane, manual loading is slow and tedious work for the operator.

Loading and unloading of CNC milling machines can be time consuming and labor-intensive work. For years it was financially not attractive to robotize this in cases work exists of low volume - high variety types of products.

By using the vision and technology of Teqram, combined with our easy-to-use software solutions, Teqram was able to solves this problem with the development of the EasyMillDrill. The EasyMillDrill is a robot combined with the vision technology of Teqram which suits perfectly for loading and unloading high variety, low volume types of products in combination with milling machines.

No programming required

Because of our vision-guided robot technology, parts are automatically detected and handled (in standard use cases). No teaching of individual parts necessary! Grippers are chosen automatically and gripper changes do not need to be programmed. A simple-to-use user interface ensures no ‘special’ knowledge required for operators.

Typical Applications

  • Loading & unloading milling machines or automated drilling machines
  • Standard solution available for parts up to 100 kg
  • Handling laser-, plasma- and oxy-fuel parts (steel, stainless steel, and aluminium)

Vision guided robots increases production efficiency significantly

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