Deslagging and grinding of oxyfuel & plasma cut parts by robot - without programming

Deslagging and grinding of oxyfuel & plasma cut parts by robot - without programming

Cleaning flame-cut parts is a physically very strenuous activity with a high potential for injury. The EasyGrinder from Teqram does this for you without having to be programmed! Vision technology combined with AI makes the previously unimaginable possible!

Customer-Example: EasyGrinder @ Ancofer Steel

Ancofer is already investing in the second EasyGrinder within the Dillinger Group in 2024!

Vision technology - no programming

Thanks to vision technology and AI, no programming or teaching is required! By combining several imaging processes (time of flight, HD camera, 3D vision sensors), the EasyGrinder recognises the geometry of the components autonomously and creates the programmes for deslagging, edgerounding, ... for itself.

The EasyGrinder can process parts weighing up to 200 kg as standard. Workpieces are provided on pallets and the robot starts completely autonomously once the desired processing quality has been specified. From selecting the right grippers to automatically changing the right tools - no programming or teaching required!

Customer-Example: EasyGrinder @ Klöckner Metals Germany in Bremen

Flame-cut parts weighing up to 750 kg can be processed using the EasyTransfer system

Possible processing:

  • Deslagging
  • Edge breaking or Edge rounding (up to R3)
  • Grinding of the narrow edges (Hardening of the cutting edge)
  • Removal of Start/Stop marks
  • Deburring & edgebreaking of bore holes


  • Shot blasting
  • Stamping

EasyGrinder Tools (click through):

Deslagging, edge breaking, edge rounding up to 3 mm, oxid removal, grinding the narrow edges (hardening zone), removal of start/stop marks

The desired processing quality is selected via stored recipes. For example, parts for one customer can only be trimmed, while other parts are given a radius of 2 or 3 mm!

Consistent quality

Manual deburring is not only monotonous but also physically very strenuous. Sooner or later, your strength wanes, quality suffers and the odd workpiece edge is forgotten.

Not so with robot processing. 100% consistent results and constant, predictable output - guaranteed thanks to the EasyGrinder!

Main advantages

grinding with vision-controlled robots

Increase in productivity

The EasyGrinder identifies the product and records its contours and shapes using computer vision. The robot picks up the product, selects the right tool for the job and starts processing.

Extended possibilities

Deslagging, deburring, edge rounding and removal of oxide layers without programming. The robot's performance enables grinding processes that are impossible for humans.

100% consistent quality

Robot processing reduces your overall costs and also achieves higher and more consistent quality! Even the wear of the grinding tools is monitored automatically.

Different layout variants of the EasyGrinder (click through):

Technical specifications:

The EasyGrinder is our solution for removing slag, deburring and rounding as well as removing oxide layers.

  • The parts are supplied to the robot on Euro pallets
  • Provision in containers such as mesh boxes is also possible
  • Product weights of up to 200 kg can be picked up and handled by the robot (for systems with high autonomy)
  • Parts weighing up to 750 kg are fed to the robot via the EasyTransfer system
  • The PC-based user interface is very easy to operate
  • No special programming knowledge is required
  • Necessary gripper & tool changes are performed automatically
  • Various standard EasyGrippers are available, customised grippers can be manufactured on request.
  • A wide range of standard and cost-effective grinding tools can be used.

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