Our EasyGrippers, designed and built in-house, are robust and reliable end-effectors. Due to the modular building blocks we can cost-effectively customize grippers for different applications. An EasyGripper contains a local computing unit as well as advanced 3D vision sensors. An EasyGripper is a smart gripper. And, fitted with our optional ''Touch" package, our technology brings us ever closer to human hand-eye coordination.

For vision guided handling applications, our local vision in the gripper and our global vision by means of the EasyEye is a powerful combination.

Change grippers in seconds.

Every EasyGripper has a quick-change connector with which it can be connected to a robot manipulator. The gripper is automatically detected when connected, which prevents human errors in gripper-selection.

The quick-change connector provides connectivity for data, electrical power and pneumatics. Because of this, our EasyGrippers can grip parts with magnets, vacuum pads, clamping devices etc.

Flexible automation means choice of endeffectors

For many applications, a range of grippers is needed to deal with a large variety of products. Our gripper rack is a creative solution and proven solution in this regard.

  • Up to 6 grippers can be stored in a standard gripper-rack
  • Multiple gripper racks can placed in the robot cell (provided there is sufficient space)
  • The gripper rack has wheels and a docking-connector. It can be rolled into and out of the robot cell easily.
  • Our gripper-rack software takes care of gripper management

Automatic gripper selection

In many vision guided handling applications, our systems have no (or limited) prior information about the parts. After detecting the parts with vision, our gripper-scoring software makes intelligent and quick gripper choices. A variety of factors is taken into consideration: size of the product, estimated weight and center of gravity, minimization of gripper changes, and more.

Last but not least: "Touch". We can fit our EasyGrippers with sensors & software to monitor whether a part is connected to the gripper. And we can do more: react to forces working on the gripper and/or part. Vision augmented with Touch enhances flexibility and reliability of autonomous systems.