EasyShotblast: automated shotblasting

Autonomous (un)loading of shot blasting machines.

It is not only about automizing the process – at the same time, the quality is significantly improved while energy consumption is tremendously minimized.

Thanks to visionguided technology, no teaching is necessary!

The robot is working fully autonomous.

Automization of shotblasting machines:

Shotblasting machines are frequently used when surface quality/roughness of components have to fullfill certain specifications.

Often those parts are very heavy and the manual loading of the blasting machine e.g. with crane is very laborious.

Typical applications

  • Loading / unloading of shotblasting machine
  • Using the EasyFlipper, the parts can also be turned by the robot
  • Processing of plasma- and oxyfuel cut parts out of steel, stainless and aluminum


Vision-controlled robot for shotblasting machines

Group 5 Copy Created with Sketch. Fully autonomous without teaching / programming

Thanks to intelligent, vision-guided robots, the components are independently recognised and suitable grippers are automatically selected.

The user interface is intuitive and requires no special knowledge!

Group 5 Copy Created with Sketch. The robot fits seamlessly into existing ways of working

Simply place a pallet with parts in the robot's working area. By using EasyEye, the position of the parts is not relevant - this is detected fully automatically.

This means that even the smallest batch sizes can be processed economically.

Group 5 Copy Created with Sketch. Fast, unbeatable quality and energy-efficient (75% savings)

With EasyShotblast you increase your quality! Edges are perfectly finished and there are no shadows from belts or baskets on the underneath side.

At the same time, the energy requirement drops to 25% and with the fast cycle times, the ROI often drops below 2 years!

Technical Data:

EasyShotblast is a solution for loading and unloading blasting machines. It is based on Teqram's modular building blocks and can be adapted to specific applications.

For example, fully automatic turning can be easily integrated, as can simultaneous slag removal and deburring of the workpieces!

The heart of EasyShotblast is our vision-guided robot: the EasyBot.

An EasyBot exists out of the following components:

  • An EasyEye, our patented 3D vision controller
  • An industrial robot manipulator with 6 axes, 3.05 m reach and the ability to handle products up to 100 kg
  • Modular base (easy to transport and place) with all electronics and safety components
  • EasyIO: distributed IO and control
  • EasyFlexibleFramework: software framework for vision-guided robotics
  • PC based User Interface: Easy to Use, no PLC needed.
  • Gripper-change adaptor (robot-side) with data, electrical and pneumatic connections
  • And much more…

Due to our vision technology, an EasyBot can deal with low-volume high variety production challenges. In comparison with conventional robot-solutions, an EasyBot facilitates an extreme reduction in programming times.

EasyShotblast can be configured for any shotblasting machine (using our EasyFlipper to flip parts automatically when necessary).

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