Programming an industrial robot is a tedious and time-consuming task. With the launch of the EasyEye, a high-level industrial robot controller, all this changes. In addition, the use of 3D vision enables automation in processes with large product variations and/or variation in operating environment.

The EasyEye is a platform for 3D vision and robot control

  • Enables vision-based automation (even for low-volume & high-variety environments)
  • Extreme reduction in robot-programming time
  • Freely programmable in an open software-framework
  • Makes life EASY for robot-integrators: programming toolbox for customer-specific applications
3D Vision Platform for Robot Control

Specs overview

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Azimuth range >270°
Elevation >150°
Up to 10x optical zoom
Software Plug & Play ! No installation required.
Lua-based scripting
Many ready-made modules
Unified robot interfacing, switch between robot manufacturers without changing code
Networking The EasyEye sets up its own WiFi network
WPA2 protected
DHCP or static IP
Unlimited clients within the LAN
Calibrating Multiple EasyEyes easily calibrated via a single system
Multiple EasyEyes (co)operate within a single system
Calculation power Standard PC based
Performance only limited by the power of contemporary PC technology
High performance, low latency via EasyIO
Connectivity Accesible via/connects to 3rd party software
Connects to PLC, sensors, or any other type of signal
Power 24V
Protection Rating IP 40
HMI / UI Live image information
Display project information on live image for easy operating
Augmented Reality module
Intuitive and Easy to use
The EasyEye is a 3D vision platform for vision guided automation

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