EasyFlipper - flip heavy parts safely within seconds

The patented EasyFlipper turns parts within seconds. This solves a number of problems. In industry, heavy workpieces are normally turned using a crane and slings, belts or clamps. This is time-consuming, often requires a great physical effort and, above all, is dangerous. There is also a high probability that the workpiece will be scratched.

Pneumatic EasyFlipper for parts up to 750 kg / hydraulic up to 2 tons (per Flipper)


The EasyFlipper is often used as a workstation for deslagging and sanding as well as a turning station for steel plates or sheet metal blanks. Its use as a universal turning device is particularly popular for applications where speed and safety are important.

Pneumatic EasyFlipper. Hydraulic EasyFlipper. Connected EasyFlipper for long parts. EasyFlipper next to a machining center. Workstation for deslagging and deburring.

Typical Applications:

  • Safe and fast turning of heavy components
  • Turning of flame-cut parts, turning of plasma parts
  • Turning heavy components in front of a machining center for processing the opposite side
  • Turning laser-cut sheets next to a folding machine
  • For visual inspection of the top and bottom sides in QA
  • Turning of sheet metal packages - e.g. tear plates
  • Turning heavy blanks to fulfill packing instructions

Gallery - EasyFlipper (Application examples - click through):


The main specifications of the standard EasyFlipper are:

  • Table size: 1200 x 800mm
  • Maximum part weight:
    • Pneumatic EasyFlipper: 750kg / 1500lbs
    • Hydraulic EasyFlipper: 5000kg / 10000lbs
    • Connected EasyFlippers: a multiple of the individual EasyFlippers
  • Cycle time:
    • Pneumatic EasyFlipper: 5 to 10 seconds
    • Hydraulic EasyFlipper: 35 to 45 seconds
  • Flipper table is fitted with a rubber mat to prevent scratches
  • Easy manual control and/or integration with our vision guided robots
  • 230V / 110V + 6 bar air pressure

Some possible combinations with dimensions - EasyFlipper in mm [inch] (click through):

Unique Features:

If the application fits - the EasyFlipper is an absolute No-Brainer!


Turn parts in seconds. The fastest solution for safely turning heavy components!


"Manual" turning of components (crane, hand, forklift, etc.) is very dangerous. Put safety first with the EasyFlipper!


Reduce time-consuming manual labor by automating the turning process! The competitive price of the EasyFlipper ensures an attractive ROI.

Connect 2 or more EasyFlipper for particularly long and heavy components!

Invest in your EasyFlipper!

Turn heavy components quickly and safely