Flip heavy parts. Fast. Safe.


The patented EasyFlipper turns parts upside down within seconds. This solves a number of problems. In industrial operations, heavy (steel) parts are typically inverted using a crane with a plate-clamp or by means of a crowbar. This is time consuming, requires strenuous physical effort and is dangerous. In addition, there is a good chance that the part will be scratched and hence rejected. For inquiries: sales@teqram.com.

EasyFlipper with bent large parts

EasyFlipper Video

Turn Heavy Parts in Seconds

Manual flipping a large product with a plate clamps by man and crane principle

Typical Applications

  • load rotation of heavy products
  • flipping oxy-fuel-cut or plasma-cut metal parts (e.g. to get the burrs facing upwards)
  • rotating steel or aluminum next to a CNC machining centre (to machine the opposite surface)
  • turning heavy laser-cut shapes next to a press-brake
  • to view top & bottom sides of a metal part for quality inspection purposes
  • invert tear-drop plates
  • flipping heavy cut-shapes to fulfill customer packing requirements


The main specifications of the standard EasyFlipper are:

  • Maximum part size: 1200 x 800 x 100 mm
  • Maximum part weight: 400 kg (Heavy Duty Edition: 750kg)
  • Cycle time: less than 5 seconds
  • Flipper arms have fitted with a rubber mat to prevent scratches
  • Easy manual control and/or integration with our vision guided robots
  • 230 volt / 6 Bar air pressure

Two or more EasyFlippers can work simultaneosly to invert even heavier or larger parts. The modular design allows us to adapt the EasyFlipper to customer specific requirements.

Top view of the standard layout of an EasyFlipper including sizes

Unique features

For suitable applications, the EasyFlipper is a 'no-brainer'.


Inverts parts within 5 seconds. The fastest, and patented, solution to turning heavy parts on the planet.


Manually rotating heavy parts (by crane, crowbar or by hand) can cause serious physical injury. Put safety first by investing in the EasyFlipper.


Reduce manhours and increase physical distancing by mechanizing or automating the flipping of parts. The competitive pricing of the EasyFlipper ensures an attractive ROI.

Are you still rotating heavy parts slowly ?

Invest in an EasyFlipper !

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