Teqram: 4 core technologies in Vision Guided Robotics

We launched as a Tollenaar Industries company in 2016. Our roots lie in industrial manufacturing. As craftsmen, technicians and engineers we learnt to compete successfully in highly competitive environments by focusing intensely on productivity improvement. We learnt and continue to apply the basics (5S, standardization, Kaizen, Job-Instruction), but our edge lies in developing technology for radical productivity improvement. It is the latter that forms the basis of Teqram.

Our team of engineers has gained in-house experience in industrial automation for years. We learnt that automation is difficult and expensive. For that reason, we always make sure that our software, equipment, and machines are built as modular building blocks. This ensures cost-effectiveness and reliability. We also learnt that user-friendliness needs to be intrinsic. That’s why all our products contain the word EASY. Our technologies are user friendly: for the operator, for the (software)engineer and for the manager.

Our building blocks

  • EasyEye: a 3D vision robot-controller
  • EasyIO: distributed machine I/O and control
  • EasyFlexibleFramework: an open IoT software-development platform
  • EasyBot: a robotic system enabling high variety product handling

We design, manufacture, install and service our 4 technologies for customer specific automation. We offer cost-effective and user friendly solutions. Productivity improvement made EASY.

We are an energetic family owned company and are at your service.

Talk to us. We listen