Teqram: Vision Guided Robotics

Teqram launched as a Tollenaar Industries company. Our roots lie in industrial manufacturing. As craftsmen, technicians and engineers we learned to compete successfully in highly competitive environments by focusing intensely on productivity improvement. We learned and continue to apply the basics (5S, standardization, Kaizen, Job-Instruction), but our edge lies in developing technology for radical productivity improvement. It is the latter that forms the basis of Teqram.

In-house knowledge

As an expert in Vision Guided Robotics, Teqram has developed a modular vision system based on practical experiences within the manufacturing industry. A smart combination of mechanical engineers, programmers and software engineers guarantee our systems to be flexible and easy to install into current production processes. Our “Easy” concept guarantees user-friendliness and seamless integration.

Teqram’s vision system offers both an increase in productivity while costs can be radically decreased. Physical strains can be drastically reduced while product quality will increase.

Meet Teqram

Our technology has proven itself in practice. We are happy to demonstrate it to you! Kindly contact us for an appointment or visit us at one of the fairs we are attending.