Automation systems for product handling

In production processes products often have to go through several production steps. If such operations take place separately from each other, the objects must be transported from one machine to another. Loading, unloading and transport actions costs valuable working time, which can be better used elsewhere.

Automatic processing of products

have you ever thought about automating your production steps? Teqram delivers one-of-a-kind producthandling and offers product automation for every situation. Our robotic systems are equipped with EasyEye, a patented 3D-vision system. EasyEye® is capable of processing live images and is able to distinguish different products from eachother by analyzing them.

Teqram offers you the possibilities to automate your production steps, even if this was not possible with your machines before.
Teqram biedt u de mogelijkheden om uw productiestappen te automatiseren, Our robot systems are integrated into your current production line without the costly rebuilding of existing machines and equipment.

The possibilities

The possibilities of robots have improved enormously in recent years and may soon surpass the possibilities of people. Robots do not get tired, do not have a bad day and with proper operation and maintenance they do not make mistakes.

Our robotic systems are capable of:

  • Automatic loading/unloading of machines and conveyor belts
  • ordering products in right stacks and lines
  • Sorting products on the right pallets/location
  • Counting of products
  • Palletizing and depalletizing

By continuous scanning of products, the EasyEye is capable of performing quality inspections on-the-fly whilst moving objects from one place to another. This ensures a constant quality of products.


loading, unloading, sorting and palletizing of machines are often repetitive and tedious tasks, especially with large and heavy products.

Automation offers you and your employees many benefits:

  • Employees can be put to work elsewhere
  • Fysically demanding tasks can be automated
  • Production times and amount of rejects decrease, thus increasing overall output
  • Improvement of total quality with continuous inspections

Our modular robotic system is able to cooperate with every application. For example, our manipulator / gripper is configured out of different components, Allowing it to function in every circumstance.

In the past few months, Teqram has successfully applied product automation to several companies. Contact us if you are interested in automating your production facilities. Our experienced engineers are at your disposal for advice!